Sweet Spot • Aphrodisiac Anointing Oil

  • Sweet Spot • Aphrodisiac Anointing Oil

SWEET SPOT • A sensual anointing unguent for anywhere on the body.
Enjoy on erogenous zones to delight the senses, while enhancing pleasure, tissue tone, and lubrication.

Based in jojoba, this "oil" is the closest plant-based substance to our natural skin sebum, creating a harmonious base for beautiful herbs, berries, and woods. Proprietary blend includes Red Lotus petals, Damiana, mid-spring Ocotillo buds, and Cacao bean & ash. Delicious aromas hint of vanilla, sweetness, and warm wood.

100% edible, organic, whole plant extractions only. Glass bottle. 30 ml. A little goes a long way! ;)

This is a cornerstone recipe in my personal and professional apothecary cache... Many of my longtime community members may, once-upon-a-time, remember my table at parties in the Bay Area with bottles of this herbal lube, damiana smokes, and various obscure plant elixirs... Over a decade later, and the formula is almost the same, just a little more grown up and fine-tuned!

If you've attended my online or in-person courses on Flying Ointments, you may have heard snippets of the backstory...

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