Triple Extracted Funga Elixirs

$17.00 - $33.00
  • Triple Extracted Funga Elixirs

Not all functional mushroom tinctures are alike! These triple extracted elixirs are made from whole, U.S.-grown fruiting body- no brown rice, soy, etc. filler substrate, often found in a majority of big-business products out there- surprise!

All extracts here are slow macerated at clinical ratios in organic spirits, shungite water, and apple cider vinegar to capture the wide array of chemistry that our precious funga have to offer us. Think full-spectrum polysaccharides, triterpines, tannins, alkaloids, etc... basically, a lot of good stuff made it in the bottle!

I usually keep my tinctures secured for clients, but sneaking a few here on the web because they're too good not to share... See if you notice the difference!

• BSB REISHI tincture is true Ganoderma lucidum, grown in Washington state by Harmonic Hyphae. Tradition speaks to cardiovascular support, nervous system tending, and all-around resilience. One of my all-time most engaged with bottles in my personal apothecary for well over a decade - and that's saying a lot!! Could speak volumes on this one...

• BSB CHAGA tincture is full fruiting body, midwestern U.S. sourced, and ethically wild-harvested. Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is an amazing source of melanin, with a heap of clinical data that I encourage you to look up! One important note about chaga (and all mushrooms really!) is the importance of sourcing from healthy environments, as chaga is a bioaccumulator and alchemist of the land, drawing up environmental contamination, thereby supporting the land in it's healing process... however- in that interim, the unwanted chemistry may be in your fungi! Do you know where your mushrooms come from?

• BSB TURKEY TAIL tincture is full fruiting body, harmoniously wild harvested by my good friend Tony A. of ShroomyWalkabouts in California's Bay Area. I love working with Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) to build robustness and resilience in general, especially in cases of weak or impaired immune responses. Much could be said about respiratory support & appropriate cholesterol levels here as well! ;)

* As always, consult with your trusted healthcare provider before engaging with any new protocols, herbal, fungal, or otherwise! “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." ;) As an herbalist, there are certain things I can't straightforwardly speak to, legality-wise, but can!!!

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