I'm interested in your consultation services, but am new to this. Can you tell me more?

A brief description of herbal consultation services can be found HERE. I draw from a wholistic spectrum between traditional & clinical applications, and aim to weave seamlessly between the left brain & right brain- straight to the heart of the matter. An often overlooked benefit of such thorough consultation services, is the ability to custom tailor protocols to each clients unique history, accessibility, bioregion, and goals. Feel free to reach out by clicking CONTACT from the toolbar with any further questions or curiosities you may have. 

Have an inquiry you'd like to make in a more discreet way? --> [email protected] 

Is there a way to access recordings of your previous classes?

Yes indeed! After many years solely teaching in-person (and in-plant of course), the changes of the unique 2020 times fueled a stronger online presence for Ash + Black Sage Botanicals. Check out the Digital Class Archives HERE!


How do I join Herbal Candy of the Month Club?

Herbal Candy of the Month Club is a hand & heart-crafted, limited edition, ultra high quality, herbalized treat pack + hand-doodled informative zine.

As a statement towards affirming artisanal crafting in an increasingly mechanized and mass-produced terrain, BSB only offers a small amount of treats each round.

Patreon members can opt for longterm memberships, avoid the monthly candy rush, and enjoy the perks of montly livestreams, newsletters, and educational videos!

Early access to month-by-month memberships goes to Black Sage Botanicals email newsletter subscribers. Monthly flavor drops are always posted to social media, but tend to sell out quickly, so best bet is with the first two options mentioned here! Otherwise, try your hand, and you might get lucky! *Please note, over the course of 2023, month-to-month memberships will be greatly reduced! 


When will my Herbal Candy of the Month Club order arrive?

Currently, treats are shipping out near the end of each month! All treats are made fresh to order. Look out for a shipping confirmation email with a USPS tracking number. Local pick-up's typically happen around on or just after the end of the month ordered. Local folks, look out for a confirmation email when pickup is ready! Pickup location is near downtown Tucson, AZ. 


Are Herbal Candy Club treats perishable/meltable?

They often are heat sensitive, and will be noted in each monthly description. The most meltable recipes (like chocolate truffles) ship during the coldest times of year, and more heat-stable treats ship in the summertime. Boxes with temp. sensitive items always include one small ice pack in shipment. 

Treats are shipped USPS Priority, which typically takes 3 days. You will always be provided with a tracking number, and boxes are insured, however BSB cannot predict unusual behaviors of USPS at this time. Reach out with any shipping snafus, and we will sort it out. 

Should you live in a very hot-weather place, and need extra ice-pack protection, please email me to assess and arrange shipping cost adjustments. 

Further details on suggested storage and handling of the monthly recipe are updated for each round in the product description. 


I have food allergies. What is your process around selecting and sourcing ingredients? 

Herbal Candy of the Month Club is ALWAYS::

  • substantial + nutrient dense ingredients
  • organic / pesticide-free
  • free of refined flours & sugars
  • plant-based
  • lower glycemic (coconut or fruit sugar)
  • includes locally-sourced & seasonal ingredients
  • beyond fair-trade, regenerative agriculture ingredients whenever possible

Coconut and other nut products are frequently utilized.

Rarely utilized ingredients like sprouted buckwheat and honey will always be noted in the monthly descriptions. Feel free to email inquiries.

Black Sage Botanicals kitchen space is pescatarian & dairy-free.

Do you wholesale your apothecary items and bulk tinctures? 

All inquiries happily considered! All of my concoctions are made seasonally and small-batch as an act of uplifting natural time and sustainablitiy. If able, I love wholesaling to folks whose work I align with. Reach out if you're curious! 

Do you cater events?

All inquiries happily considered!

Though my days as a full-time personal herby chef have passed, I would love to set you & your loved ones up with amazing sweets, and maybe even savories, for the next party, conference, or event!! I work with plant-based foods always & all-ways!! Herbalized, of course, but you already know how I roll... CONTACT for details.


How do you distribute resources?

Ash & BSB maintain a longstanding commitment to continually redistribute resource abundance in a good way, and provide accessible botanical health care and education. Collective security is a must! Your support directly impacts and expands the ability to share... thank you!! 

Black Sage Botanicals is committed to sourcing raw ingredients in a way that values the hands and hearts, the roots and living soil of the "production chain". Great lengths are taken to find small-scale traditional agriculturists, seed keepers, and people carrying their traditions, love of land, and good works through to all relations in the current and next generations. Locally- sourced, and seasonally defined ingredients affirm our connection and infuse value into place and community. 


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