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"Ethnomycology of Amanita muscaria"
 • Breaking Convention, Exeter, England

"Do Plants Mother? Earth Magic & Plant Wisdom" • Sacred Body Podcast

"Amanita muscaria & Desert Herbalism" •  Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast with Dennis Walker

"The Meandering Mushroom Path: Functional Fungi 101" • full class sponsored by Arizona Mushroom Society

Free Q + A Replay "Herbal Protocols for Unwelcome Chemical Exposure" on BSB Patreon

Soil Regen Summit • free conference replay for a limited time! "You are the WIlds: A Case for Restoring Relational Herbalism"

"Psychedelic Conference at Hogwarts" •  Breaking Convention wrap-up on Lucid News


Livestream with The Fungi Academy & Jasper Degnaars

Exploring Entheolubes with Mikaela de la Myco of the MushWomb Temple

Benevolent Broadcast Livestream with Blizzy Blake

"A Desert Herbalist Shares Her Love of the Southwest" with The Green Beauty Guide


A sneak peek at the freebies on PATREON!

A treasure chest of livestreams on IG • #COMMUNITYIMMUNITYHOUR

moments in the field

Myceliate Fest, Washington 2022
Merry Mushroom : Amanita muscaria Myth + Medicine lecture
photo by Cortney Herrera @wildcare_body

Radical Mycology Conference, Oregon 2022
'Amanita muscaria' Panel

Psychedelics & Sensuality Conference, Los Angeles, CA 2023
'Sex as Spiritual Practice' panelists
photo by @gabrielasvision

California Psychedelic Conference, hosted by Oakland Hyphae, 2022
'Medicinal Mushrooms' panel

Monthly Herbal Cooking Classes, Tucson Herb Store, 2018-2020

Santa Ynez Botanical Gardens, "Herbs for Firey Times" California wildfire season free class tour 2018