Initial Herbal Consultation

$140.00 - $320.00
  • Initial Herbal Consultation

If you've been curious about fortifying a healthy relationship with your inner and outer landscapes, read on!

Herbal consultation services are a potent & supportive way to put your unique story at the forefront of the healing process, co-creating effective, solution-oriented protocols to achieve your wellness goals of mind, body, and spirit.

Ash's approach draws from clinical, energetic, and traditional threads. By bridging left brain, right brain, and heart centered approaches with botanicals, fungi, and lifestyle choices, we aim to forge a truly cohesive, lasting, self-driven impact.

Her approach places emphasis on plants & planet as relations, and is manifested through her practice as fostering engagement with the living world, rather than "using" plants as commodity.

Ash has been studying plants & fungi for 22 years, and seeing clients for over a decade. Check out her BIO page to learn more!

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Upon investing in an initial consultation, you will be emailed a full intake form to complete, and contacted to schedule our session, which is often booked out between two weeks and one month. Your first session will run approx. 2 hours, in which we will explore your health history, details, and goals towards an embodied, measurable experience of progress.

Following our initial consultation, you will be provided a full report of findings, complete with an accessible, open-source protocol that includes herbal, culinary, and daily practice recommendations.

Custom botanical compounds are one of Ash's favorite offerings, feature her unique apothecary cache, and are available as an extension of your consultations. * INITIAL CONSULT now INCLUDES first 2oz. of TINCTURE or equivalent preparation.

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A three month protocol is heartily suggested to make strong headway, with FOLLOW-UP's as part of our progress assessment and evolving goals. Follow-up sessions are also offered on a sliding scale basis, and run approx. 60 minutes. A la carte @ $75-$110 per session, sliding scale (email to arrange).

Should you be ready to commit to a *highly-recommended* THREE MONTH PROGRAM in full (one initial consult + two follow-up's), you can access the discounted rate, available in the drop down menu here.

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Consultations are available via zoom video or in-person in an outdoors setting near Tucson, AZ. I operate on a sliding scale basis, and invite you to invest according to your need and ability. Upon registration, you will be emailed within 4 business days to schedule our session. Do contact me with any further inquiries you may have. Thanks kindly!

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Please note- due to the nature of this strange, wonderful world :: Your registration & participation in a consultation acts an an acknowledgment that these services are not to act as allopathic medical practices sanctioned by the FDA. ;)

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Interested in a shorter consultation on a specific subject or ongoing practice? Reach out through the CONTACT form to inquire!

Requests for "pay-what-you-can" rate always considered. Reach out!