Desert botanicals • single extracts

  • Desert botanicals • single extracts
  • Desert botanicals • single extracts

Typically, I reserve my unique apothecary goods solely for my private clients, however, I have decided to offer a few special tinct's, on a seasonally available basis. All that you see listed here is harvested only when in abundance, as an act of deep reverence & studious observation, with respect to the community of organisms impacted by the presence of this plant!

To me, wildcrafting must wholeheartedly align with our stewardship to the entire ecosystem. All herbs listed here are gathered by way of conscientious trail maintenance, pruning, or the like, here on the ranch, and on friend's properties in and around the Sonoran Desert.

Click the drop-down menu to see whats available. Offerings rotate with the season. Made with organic spirits and shungite water. 1oz. glass bottles.

Bulk orders for practitioners happily considered- feel free to inquire.

These are intended to supply folks who already have an herbal protocol dialed in. Supplies are limited, as my client formulations get first priority. If you are looking for more info on the clinical, emotional, and spiritual relationships with these particular herbs or others, I recommend booking a full herbal consult.