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Summer teaching tour 2023 • Nevada City, CA • All mushrooms are magic

$15.00 - $35.00
  • Summer teaching tour 2023 • Nevada City, CA  • All mushrooms are magic

Join us LIVE + DIRECT in Nevada City, CA for an evening of entheogenic ethnomycology!! • Graciously hosted by 108 Treasures • *rescheduled* Wednesday, August 9th, 7pm

All mushrooms are magic!!! From peak pandemonium sourdough bread hype to corporate microdosing bros, fungi are asserting themselves in the limelight- and for good reason!

But what would it look like if we acknowledged the global significance of fungi, not just as a capsule to pop from a pretty bottle, but as wise beings with deep ties in the history, art, music, food, spiritual, medical, & cultural systems, and fertility of this entire planet... and beyond?!?! How does full-spectrum context inform and enrich our experience with the fungi all around us, and yes- within us?!

Join us for a spirited conversation, surveying the ethnomycology of psych3delic fungi of the world ::

🍄 Psil0cybe species • the original grassroots movement
🍄 Amanita muscaria • beyond the binary of toxin & tonic
🍄 Ergot • from L$D to midwifery
🍄 Reishi • to immortality and beyond
🍄 Cordyceps • breathing is psyched3lic
🍄 ... and maybe even a whole rap about fungi, the gut + Puerh cha!! .. because - where would we be without a good pot of tea?!

Register at your honest ability below. FINE TEA SERVICE INCLUDED :)

Our host 108 Treasures [108 Union Alley, Nevada City, CA] is a fantastical tea & crystal shop, so come with some extra $, because you will likely be enticed!!

We look forward to having you :)

Capacity is limited, so your advanced registration is recommended! Tickets may be available at the door if space allows. Don't hesitate to contact BSB with any questions you may have. As always, no one turned away for lack of funds.