Star Seed Flying Ointment

  • Star Seed Flying Ointment

A sensual anointing unguent for freaky cosmonauts awaits thee.

My top-secret flying ointment recipe makes it's public debut! 🫣 Word got out on a few candid podcasts, and I couldn't hide this precious magic from you any longer...

Inspired by the mycorrhizal relations of funga, flora, and fauna, this recipe is a poetic statement piece, that the body of the earth exists in, as, and through intimate connection.

Wapaq (1:10), Fossilized Amber, Beeswax absolute, Oolong tea, Arizona-grown Jojoba oil, lots and lots of love. Hand-made in small, intentional batches.

1oz amber glass bottle. A little goes a very long way. This is an active blend if applied on or near the mucosa. Proceed with full personal responsibility, discernment, and of course, absolute delight! Fantastic for massage of all types.

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