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SPRING CLASS TOUR 2024 • Portland, OR • Immateria Medica: Ethnobotany of Datura

$15.00 - $35.00
  • SPRING CLASS TOUR 2024 • Portland, OR • Immateria Medica: Ethnobotany of Datura

An evocative LIVE+ DIRECT fireside chat in Portland, OR! Graciously hosted by The Rhizome • May 5th, 6-7:30ish pm

Toxin and tonic. Nectar and poison. It is said that there is a “secret” drive in our genetic wiring to seek out intoxication. But why? What is the allure of riding the boundary between danger and delight… and could they be an evolutionary tool? What even is an intoxicant?!

Here in 21st century pop culture, our attitudes have been corralled to fear poison in some contexts yet embrace it without hesitation in others… And yet, we need not look far to see the traditional use of so-called “poison plants” world-wide for intentional rites of initiation, divination, and edification.

Riding on the wafts of the wind, Datura species enchant us with a perfume of eerie attraction. A forbidden fruit extraordinaire, popping up on the liminal edge between this world and another, riding the paradox just as it rides the sidelines of desert arroyos.

Join us for a spirited chat on the sacrilege sacrament- datura, as we explore worldwide ethnobotany, chemistry, and influence on medicine- past, present, and dare I say- future!

There may even be a little mischievous but friendly gnome with a basket of forest floor libations & unusual desert pharmakon... you will have to be there to find out!

Register at your honest ability below. Funds are shared with Rhizome PDX, so your support blesses us both, thank you!

Space is limited to 20ish attendees - advanced registration is kindly requested. Reach out if you prefer offering cash at the door, or if you are in need of a scholarship and we will save a spot for ya!

Don't hesitate to contact BSB with any questions you may have. Exact location emailed soon after registration.