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spring class tour 2024 • Nevada City, CA • keystone cacti: a sensory study of desert ethnobotany

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  • spring class tour 2024 • Nevada City, CA • keystone cacti: a sensory study of desert ethnobotany

Join us LIVE + DIRECT in Nevada City, CA for a spirited & sensorial evening of desert ethnobotany!! • Graciously hosted by 108 Treasures • Sunday April 21st, 7pm

In this presentation, we will explore the history and mystery of edible & medicinal cacti (and a few favorite Sonoran desert plants too) ... not just by chatting about them, but by tasting them - prickly pear cordial, ocotillo blossom tea, saguaro fruits, night blooming cereus extract, candied barrel cactus fruits, etc!

Often overlooked because of their rough exterior, cacti (and their scruffy botanical companions) are inspirational champions of arid landscapes, standing firm with resilience in the face of almost any situation.

Desert plants are storytellers, echoing the of the migration of people and animals, geologic transformations, and consciousness alterations- quietly driving the spread of entheogenic plants and fungi into the hearts and minds of western pop culture.

They are a subsistence food all over the world, building materials for earthen homes, a fiber source for weaving… And of course, make exquisite medicine, from blood sugar balancers, to first-aide treatment. Cacti are deeply spirit-moving heart healers, and, they speak great energetic poetry about the nature of protection, humbleness, and fortitude!

Even beyond the desert terrain, I can guarantee there is a cactus pal near you, or a cutting waiting to be planted and partnered with!

We look forward to having you...

Our host 108 Treasures [ 108 Union Alley, Nevada City, CA ] is a fantastical tea & crystal shop, so come with some extra $, because you will likely be enticed!!

Capacity is limited, so your advanced registration is recommended! Tickets may be available at the door if space allows. Don't hesitate to contact BSB with any questions you may have. As always, no one turned away for lack of funds.