CLASS RECORDINGS • From Fruit to Seed: Seasonal Herbalism for Grief & Praise • 3 PART SERIES

  • CLASS RECORDINGS • From Fruit to Seed: Seasonal Herbalism for Grief & Praise • 3 PART SERIES

“… turning grief into praise, praise into life, and life into food for the living…”
- Martin Prechtel

As we traverse the heart of Autumn, we are met with changing winds and the fruits of our labors. But the harvest highlights not only of the abundance of our gains, but the starkness of our losses, reminding us of the felt poetry that is the wheel of the year. This is the medicine of taking stock. Perhaps, Autumn isn’t a time of static light-dark balance after all, but a time of integration, a mountain peak from which we can see the panoramic view of the whole.

What does it mean to feel truly well fed- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually- through the darkening seasons? How can we find peace and stillness in the terrain of personal and collective grief? How can we foster threads of continuity with our ancestors, the ancestors of place, people, plants, and planet?

Join us to explore how herbs and fungi can support us through our encounters with the positive, the negative, and the neutral of things- abundance, grief, and perspective.

We will delve into the practical & arcane applications of working alongside ::

• Sweet herbs, aromatics & honey (WEEK 1)

• Nourishing, grounding & bitter herbs for physical nutrition & emotional integration

• Unlikely nervines for welcoming ease and breath (WEEK 2)

• Ancient and entheogenic plants & fungi to entangle us with an enriched sense of ancestral connection, beyond-human community, and re-orientation to bring us truly home. (WEEK 3)

** over 7 hours of video, plus a dreamy adjunct reading list and ongoing cohort message board! **

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