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CLASS RECORDINGS • Merry Mushroom :: Amanita muscaria Myth & Medicine OG Series 2020-2022

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  • CLASS RECORDINGS • Merry Mushroom :: Amanita muscaria Myth & Medicine OG Series 2020-2022
  • CLASS RECORDINGS • Merry Mushroom :: Amanita muscaria Myth & Medicine OG Series 2020-2022

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In the midsts of pop cultures seemingly new found love of fungi, there is a deep resonance, rattling the bones of our ancestral memory banks… Why now?

What is the significance of mushrooms in a time of great societal turning? And why has Amanita muscaria, the iconic red & white mushroom, left it’s imprint on us, even through the industrialized, mycophobic chapters of colonial human history? Assuredly, there is a much deeper story than the now-popular (perhaps over-romanticized?) notions of psychedelic Santa Claus!

Tune in for comprehensive context, and a deeply researched exploration of ::

- Archeology, cultural, spiritual and medicinal significance of Amanita muscaria in Siberian and far north Indigenous communities
- Entheogenic traditions of Europe & the British Isles
- Amanita muscaria & Winter Solstice celebrations
- The illusive Soma, the Holy Grail, and the Forbidden Fruit- what is the food of the Gods?
- Fairy tales as gateways into the enchanted realms
- Archaic cosmogony, and it's ties into modern day storytelling and festivities. More on the witch, toad brews, & her broomstick.
- Myco-chemistry and the medicinal applications of Amanita muscaria

and so, so much more...

What is Amanita muscaria's connection to new years celebrations & ancestral rites? How does Amanita leave it's mark on worldwide festivities, still reflected in modern day practice? And what of witches, gnomes, lightning deities, the holy grail, and so much more?

Join us for an ethnomycological adventure into the history, medicine, cosmovision, and deep relevance of the world's favorite mushroom avatar, Amanita muscaria. The love of Amanita clearly spans far beyond greetings cards, social media meme-ology, and paperback myth. To this day, therapeutic and culinary applications are practiced worldwide.

2020's 1ST EDITION intro course explores archeological data and cultural significance from the Siberian, far north, & Vedic lenses.

2022's extended-length 2ND EDITION course dives deeply into the westward lands of Europe, the British Isles, the Americas, and continues on to explore the crucial role in ever-present cultural motifs, the changing tides of mycophilia, and promising mycochemistry for modern day applications.

Merry Mushroom to all!!

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1st Edition :: Intro & Background • 2 hours of video. Originally recorded December 20, 2020

2nd Edition :: Deepened historical & medicinal study • 4 hours of video material!! Originally recorded January 2, 2022

3rd Edition coming February 2024!!! 🍄