CLASS RECORDING • Sweet Nectar :: Pleasure Between Plants & People

  • CLASS RECORDING • Sweet Nectar :: Pleasure Between Plants & People

Is desire a solely human experience? Aphrodisiacs are by far some of the most coveted botanicals worldwide. But what about the birds and bees, the flowers and the trees?

All too often, the enticing notion of aphrodisiac herbs are presented on a platter solely for personal consumption, alas, the natural world is in itself dripping with sensuality, connection, and dare i say, kink. In this class, we will not only explore the wide range of botanicals to enhance our sense of joy, curiosity, safety, and turn-on, but we will expand into an entire ecosystem that thrives off of attraction.

With our senses as the gateway, let us enter a spirited conversation about the historical, physiological & psychological applications of botanicals for the pleasure of our hearts, in & as the heart of nature. From nervines to entheogens, and everything in between, it’s exploration time…

No matter the body, orientation, or partnership status, this is an inclusive class with the primary goal of affirming empowerment, sanctuary & bliss as beautifully sensual beings in a beautifully sensual world… even (especially) now!!

*Please note, adult conversations will thoughtfully take place.

2.5 hours of video class material!
Originally recorded February 21, 2021

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