CLASS RECORDING • Matters of the Heart :: Herbs for TLC

  • CLASS RECORDING • Matters of the Heart :: Herbs for TLC

The rhythm of our heartbeat tells our story… one resounding with compassion, grief, bliss, longing, vision, presence… Especially now in this great turning time of polarity seeking a common thread, let us take note- the heart finds its funky groove in both the expanding and contracting.

Matters of the Heart is an exploration on botanicals to show love to the physical + emotional heart of self and world. How can tending to this space look? Just as the survival strategies of plants varies from unctuous nectar to piercing thorn, so to does our approach to ensure the heart-led thriving of self, family, communities and environments.

Let us take a journey through the layers- to the heart of the matter & the matters of the heart. Supporting the vascular system is of extra importance in this pandemonium time! Naturally, will we explore herbs and fungi that bolster happy, harmonious cardiovascular and nervous systems. Deeper still, there is no safe & effective hearth without a proper container. Together we will explore the nuances between energetic protection and boundaries, and how to fortify the heart center with our botanical relations.

In this space, where we meet both our grief and our bliss alike, we will touch into herbs that give us the fuel to burn brightly, the tenderness to feel what remains beyond the flame, and the love to stay engaged through it all.

2 hours of video class material!
Originally recorded May 23, 2021

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