CLASS RECORDING • Looking Up :: Evergreen Tree Medicines

  • CLASS RECORDING • Looking Up :: Evergreen Tree Medicines

Arise, oh wintery-eyed ones! Let us look up, literally and figuratively, from the ground on which we stand, to behold a whole expanse of medicine against the infinite backdrop of stars...

From quick and easy first-aid applications, to immune support and emotional upliftment, evergreens are a true bounty of goodness in all the ways.

In this course, we will take off from the roots on which December's amanita mushroom class left off, getting familiar with the beloved evergreens- Pine, Fir, Cedar, Cypress, and beyond... Behold the potent powers of bark, resin and foliage, via the rainbowed lenses of traditional medicine, phytochemistry, ethnobotany, clinical + energetic herbalism...

2 hours of video class material!
Originally recorded January 17, 2021

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