Blue Lotus Elixir

  • Blue Lotus Elixir


An experiential, herbalist-formulated tonic for meditation, expansion, and deeply embodied relaxation. Featuring the highest-grade herbs, trees, flowers, and resins, extracted in organic spirits and pristine shungite water. Soften into celestial yet sensual consciousness while refining the inner-eye vision. Beautiful adjunct to the entheogenic experience, especially when conjuring gentleness and clarity.

Unlike any blend you have had, this meditative formula features our Sonoran Desert cousin of myrrh & palo santo- the Torote tree, woven with butterfly pea flower, orange blossom, and more...

This, alongside Sweet Spot Anointing Oil, is one of my most cherished recipes from way back. It is a joy to sneak this one off of my secreted-away apothecary shelves and share with you in limited releases!

1 oz glass bottle with graduated dropper