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Cloud Ship Coconut Butter • Limited Edition Winter Special

  • Cloud Ship Coconut Butter • Limited Edition Winter Special

with lions mane mushroom + blue spirulina

An antidote to the winter blues!! 🔵 The wintery cousin of prickly pear coconut butter has arrived!

Creamy coconut, freshly blended to smooth, velvety lava ☓ botanicals to bring clarity and deep-fortification. Sealed with a little kiss of agave and vanilla bean. Think- barely sweet vanilla icing clouds...

Featuring ::

LIONS MANE full-fruiting body. Pre-extracted for enhanced bioavailability!! This is a crucial detail, often lacking in the sea of trendy mushroom products available nowadays. Lions mane is one of my favorite mushrooms for preserving & enhancing cognition, not just for our brain up top, but for our gut-brain as well! Clear coherent thinking = better decisions all around... now that's something to celebrate!

BLUE SPIRULINA dazzles with power-packed B12, a whole heap of minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, tryptophan, etc etc etc! One of my favorite ways to address the winter blues is to provide our body with extra potent fuel to maintain optimal function. While the garden slows it's productivity, we can dose up on nutrient dense foods like this to support equilibrium.

Limited edition 8oz glass jar.