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PRICKLY PEAR COCONUT BUTTER • limited edition seasonal treat

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  • PRICKLY PEAR COCONUT BUTTER • limited edition seasonal treat

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A last taste of Summer to tickle the senses!!

Here on the ranch, the Opuntia cacti are fruiting in all their magenta glory - a sweet distillation of sunshine and monsoon rain, patience and persistence, in delicious, nectarous form.

I gather these fruits fresh under late monsoon skies to create this one-of-a-kind ambrosial coconut butter. Paired with a touch of agave for a hint of desert sweetness.

This is a super limited edition treat, originally meant to be an exclusive treat only for my Patreon long-term Herbal Candy of the Month Club members. Enjoy while it lasts - and consider joining BSB on Patreon for all the good stuff- food for the body, mind, spirit, and collective!!

Packaged in glass. Save on shipping with the larger size!

Wildcrafted Opuntia fruits + Organic extra fatty coconut + agave.