Herbal Candy of the Month Club! - January Membership

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  • Herbal Candy of the Month Club! - January Membership

+ hand-doodled informative zine

Birthday month means we all get to celebrate with a spin on a favorite Herbal Candy of the Month Club flav... Behold- the GOLDEN REISHI-O!!

It all started with the Maple Pear Cordy-O's in 2020. A bar was set that to this day that still keeps me pushing to imagine the most unique and satisfying flavors into existence.

This round is especially fantastic, featuring home-grown reishi mushroom from my friend Drew of Harmonic Hyphae infused in an almond-dotted caramel "cookie", seated in 100% cacao, and dazzled with the best quality local honey in the center. Yes, this recipe was inspired by a certain memorable girl scout cookie!

**BONUS BUNDLE** Pair your sweets with some seasonal bitters for a delicious balancing act! Purchase below with your candy, and enjoy a discount :)
Winter Sun Bitters ~ Arizona citrus peel, ocotillo blossom and bark, vanilla bean & nutmeg infused in organic spirits. Take alongside a meal (or after an enthusiastic reishi-o session) for a happy belly!

Small batch & limited edition, as always!

*TUCSON LOCALS* For pickup option near downtown + to forgo shipping costs, enter the code SAGUAROSPECIAL at checkout. You will receive an email with instructions when your treats are ready! Be on the lookout for that :)

* Shipping first week of February * Stay tuned for an email with your USPS Priority tracking number, automated via Shippo.

As always, BSB treats are real food made from real plants, lower-glycemic, and substantial, next-gen nostalgia.

Each order includes 8 well-endowed reishi-o's, alongside a hand-drawn informative zine. Upon opening, transfer to a sealed jar and refrigerate to assure proper texture. Package will include 1 small icepack if need be. Warmer climates- bring shipment of the sun a.s.a.p.- these are heat sensitive! Consistency softens in heat, and firms in cold. Enjoy!!

Interested in a LONG TERM SUBSCRIPTION? Check the FAQ's tab below! *Patreon subscribers signed-up by January 27th at the Oak-Tier and above are automatically members to this month's offering and beyond!